Intercultural education

Hands-on. Up-to-date. Diverse.


Trainings, Seminars, Courses

Developing and enhancing intercultural competence.

Such as

  • Dealing with learners from different cultural backgrounds – challenges and opportunities.
  • Diverse cultural backgrounds in health care professions – impact on teachers and learners.
  • Workshops and speeches/talks on intercultural topics, intercultural didactics and methodology at schools, vocational training institutions and universities.


Process-orientated, culturally sensitive coaching and support for lecturers and teachers at all levels.

Such as

  • Making your training concepts make intercultural sense.
  • Teaching and learning in diverse contexts, environments and cultures, using the most efficient methodology and didactics.
  • Transcultural one-on-one coaching of people on missions in the field who want to communicate effectively in their new environment.

Culturally sensitive adaptation of teaching and training materials

Revision and adaptation of training and teaching materials.

Such as

  • Didactics of English as a foreign language in Tanzania (including a specially designed manual for teachers).
  • Methodology and didactics for dealing with very large classes, classroom organisation.
  • RECP Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production, an UNIDO toolkit, adapted to trainings in Ukraine.

Assessments of lecturers, teachers and educators

Assessing strengths, efficiency and weaknesses of your performance in class, aimed at professionals who teach as a part of their job, even though they do not have a formal education in teaching.

This is a low-key service requiring no more than two hours of taking part in your lectures/ lessons, followed by a comprehensive feedback.


Informed, culturally sensitive translations

English-German, German-English, French-German.

Main Topics

  • Development cooperation
  • Gender issues


  • SDC (Swiss Development Cooperation) 10 years of Gender Policy (Brochure, 68 pages)
  • Flyer on Work-Life Balance, University of Berne
  • Homepage on Sexual Harassment, University of Berne

Background Sibylle Ganz-Koechlin

My first four years in formal education were spent in five schools on two continents – what better basis for a career in “all things intercultural” than the confrontation with different cultures from a very early age on? After teaching for many years and formal training in intercultural communication I founded my own company, TripleT trainingthetrainers.
I specialize in all intercultural aspects of education and work with various organisations as well as with individuals, either as a trainer of trainers or in adapting teaching and training materials for diverse intercultural contexts. Travelling on the job or privately is an important part of my life.
I speak English, German, French and Spanish.


  • Mind, brain and Culture, New Paradigms in Intercultural Understanding. Train-the-trainer course, 2018
  • Intercultural Competences Development for Professionals with Dr. Janet Bennett; Winter School, University of Groningen
  • CAS African Affairs and Intercultural Communication (University of Basle, Switzerland, Centre for African Studies, 2014)
  • MAS Intercultural Communication and Leadership (ikf Lucerne)
  • MA in Higher Education (University of Berne, Switzerland)


  • SIETAR Switzerland Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research
  • NORRAG Network for international policies and cooperation in education and training
  • SVEB Schweizerischer Verband für Erwachsenenbildung, Swiss Association of Educators
  • BPW Bern Switzerland Business and Professional Women
  • PBI Peace Brigades International Nationalkomitee